Harrisburg Archery Club originated in 1949. During the formative years of 1949 and 1960 a few archers assembled and held monthly meetings in their homes. Needing more space, a permit was obtained to hold shoots in the Reservoir Park area here in Harrisburg.

During the late 1960's an increased interest in archery and higher membership numbers prompted the club to purchase 25 acres in Roberts Valley where the club is now located. A small clubhouse was built in what is now the kitchen area, as well as a 28 target field archery course. In the summer of 1977 a lounge area and a 20 yard indoor archery range was added to the small clubhouse. In 1984 a storage garage was added to the property. From 1987 to 1990 an addition was added on to the 20 yard indoor range to extend it to 30 yards, and add a storage area to the end of the building. An additional 10 acres of land was purchased below the club entrance road. Around 1996 the club office area was constructed and an area was added to perform bow maintenance and arrow repair. 

Our latest improvement is the addition of introductory bows for new archers and a formal instruction program for those interested in learning more about archery.