Welcome to the Harrisburg Archery Club!

Clubhouse includes 20 and 30 yard indoor target range
kitchen facilities, meeting room and restrooms
15 to 80 yard outdoor practice range
14 foot high shooting platform
Wooded 35-acres with 28 target field course

Club Officers
President: Ed Feese
Vice president: Rich Breach
Secretary: Phil Oliver
Treasurer: Todd Herrman
Field captain: Todd McCormick

Membership Chairman: John Zikus
Kitchen Chairman: Steve Otto

Club Meetings:
Meetings Club meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM.

Annual Dues: Please see our membership application for more information.
Annual Dues:  $50 Individual / ( $60 Family - Parents & minor children in same household )
Youth (16 and under): $15
Clubhouse/Indoor Range Key:  $30 Individual / $35 Family
New Members:  One time additional $15 fee
Pro-ration fees available for new members after June 30th
Non key holders pay 1.50 shoot fee each time and need to be with key member for access. Key holders pay no additional fees.

Member must be present for guest to shoot. 3.00 guest fee. Guest privileges are only for new or beginning archers so they can try archery with our equipment or try there new bow. Not for experienced archers to just shoot without joining the club. Guest may come one time, then must join to continue. See any club officer to join.